Top 5 Myths About Separation Anxiety

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Coming back to the subject of outdated and dangerous training advice, I thought it would be wise to cover some of these myths and explain why they do not work (or worsen your dog’s anxiety). Firstly Separation anxiety is an umbrella term, it is complex and usually falls under the category “Separation distress” or “isolation […]

Are you married to your dog?

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Legally speaking, of course not! But, in a traditional sense maybe we should be! In a marriage we are devoting ourselves into a relationship, a full commitment to that person for better or for worse, we are committed to the relationship and working through whatever storms come into our lives. Should we not have the […]

We Shouldn’t Spoil Our Dogs!

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No we shouldn’t, but what is regarded as spoiling our dogs isn’t accurate! Giving your dog freedom, choices, treats and cuddles won’t spoil your dog! Dogs need boundaries for sure, but they don’t need strict commands in order to flourish into a lovely well mannered dog! Too many rules will spoil your dog, it will […]

Rules and Commands; House Rules

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Should dogs be allowed on the furniture? I have heard many inaccurate reasons to why we should not allow dogs on our furniture, and there is only one accurate reason – you may really care about your furniture! Even so, there are other ways to accommodate your dog on your furniture. The quickest and easiest […]

Why Choose Force Free? FF Versus Balanced Training

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Let’s start with what both of these terms mean. Balanced training is the combination of traditional (and yes, outdated) aversive training methods and reward based methods. Balanced training does not mean a balanced dog, it means the balance between using desirable outcomes for desirable behaviour and undesirable outcomes for undesirable behaviour. It focuses on reward […]

The Importance Of A Good Diet

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Getting your dogs diet right is essential for their behaviour as much as it is for your dogs health, with so many different brands on the market claiming to be healthy its easy to see why it’s so difficult to choose. Each dog is different and individual so one brand of food may work wonders […]

Canine Consultancy and Behaviour Coaching

Bethany Bell is a qualified and accredited trainer and behaviourist specialising in coaching owners so they know exactly what to do to help their dog’s behaviour improve and so owners know how to improve their own lifestyle with their dogs. When you choose to work with Bethany you will receive the most cutting edge training […]