Behaviour Therapy

We help dogs who are suffering from a range of behaviour issues such as lead frustration, reactivity, anxiety, fears and phobias. We typically avoid using treat training for behaviour therapy as these do not usually help to change the dog’s emotional state of mind. All our methods are force free, kind, gentle and ethical without any use of punishment. Our core focus is to work with your dog’s emotions and teach them communication skills as well as teaching you their language, we also use communication and language to help your dog overcome their behaviour issues. Behaviour issues are a symptom of your dog’s emotional mind not being able to cope, so we build beneficial coping mechanisms in order for your dog to gain true confidence and resilience.

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What will you gain?

You will receive a fully in-depth assessment during the consultation, a fully written explanation of behavioural issues and step by step written plan of action, over the phone support throughout and after, group membership in our Facebook support group, and regular check-ins. The Behaviour Consultation lasts 1-2 hours.

We don’t offer “quick fix” training solutions as what may seem like a fast solution to a problem often creates an even more severe problem further down the line. This will then cost you much more time to fix what has been broken, short term is never the answer. We show you how to fix the problem long term, this means investing some time into your Therapy plans, but we make that easy and manageable for you as we know you have busy schedules. Each dog is different and we treat every case individually so some dogs may change their behaviours quicker than others but the key to all success is time, patience and consistency. Our therapy is different from traditional old school trainers, you may have been let down previously by unqualified behaviourists but we are degree qualified, accredited and we attend annual seminars and conferences in order to keep up to date on canine cognition research. 

When you invest time into your dog, you will both reap the rewards in the long run, our Expert Behaviour Therapy programmes will help guide you to each success throughout your training journey. We provide you with all the information, strategies and confidence for you to take control of stressful situations.

Upon completion of your Behavioural Consultation, we will discuss your options for the best suited Behaviour Therapy Programme for you and your dog. 

You can choose between our on-site Consultation based at our Training Centre near Faringdon, Oxfordshire, or a off-site Consultation at your own home.

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We travel to you and teach within your home and local areas, tailoring your dog’s Therapy Programme to suit both of your needs. Free Exclusive membership to our training videos and Facebook group. Training sessions can be booked 1-6 weeks apart, depending on your preference. Sessions last between 45-60 minutes.

Bronze Therapy Programme

2 Therapy Sessions

1 Video Follow-Up

Silver Therapy Programme

4 Therapy Sessions

1 Video Follow-Up

Gold Therapy Programme

5 Therapy Sessions

2 Video Follow-Ups

Platinum Therapy Programme

7 Therapy Sessions

2 Video Follow-Ups

Platinum Plus Therapy Programme

12 Therapy Sessions

3 Video Follow-Ups

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At our peaceful training site based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, we have the perfect location for behaviour rehabilitation to begin. We start with our facilities where we can help your dog cope around some controlled triggers, we can work around the horses and our own stooge dogs, all at your dog’s pace. We have a lovely quiet lane to walk down where some cars and farm vehicles drive down slowly. Once your dog begins the process of recovery we can then begin training within local areas such as towns, villages, parks, woods, cafes and rivers, depending on your dog’s issues and their response to therapy. Free exclusive membership to our training videos and Facebook group. Training sessions can be booked 1-6 weeks apart depending on your preference.

Mild Therapy Programme


4 Therapy Sessions


Moderate Therapy Programme

6 Therapy Sessions


Extensive Therapy Programme

10 Therapy Sessions


To Book any of the above programmes, please email us.