Dog bond

Bethany Bell is a qualified and accredited trainer and behaviourist specialising in coaching owners so they know exactly what to do to help their dog’s behaviour improve and so owners know how to improve their own lifestyle with their dogs. When you choose to work with Bethany you will receive the most cutting edge training tactics, alongside factually correct information, professional training and behaviour modification plans, comprehensive behaviour reports, personalised training plans, a direct support system via phone, email and social media groups.

​Bethany takes you on a whole new journey with your dog, her goal is not only to build up your dog’s confidence and training abilities but to apply the same goals with you! You will encounter a new found confidence and passion for training, and you will soon find yourself becoming a natural trainer! ​“My job is not to just train and fix your dog, it goes far beyond that, my passion is to coach you and transfer all my knowledge and skills over to you, there is little benefit when someone else trains your dog when as soon as they leave the dog does not continue that training” – Bethany Bell. ​

Bethany has coached hundreds of owners and has a high success rate, she also helps to train assistance dogs for people with physical and mental health issues. Bethany owns three rescue dogs, works closely with a network of reputable trainers and attends regular seminars to keep her knowledge fresh and updated. Bethany only ever uses force free methods and is passionate to regulate the dog training industry and stamp out outdated and dangerous methods.

“We no longer need self glorified trainers who use force, pain and fear to make a dog behave, we have learnt so much more about dogs in the last few years. Dogs have been studied more than ever in the last few decades, when these forceful training techniques were first discovered dogs were hardly studied at all! The “dominance theory” was treated as fact from one heavily faulted study. We are now far wiser with hundreds of different studies that state facts about dogs not just theories. Forcing a dog to stop displaying a behaviour or to perform a specific behaviour is not training. Training is when we teach a dog what we want them to do, and rewarding a dog for doing it is teaching them why they would repeat the preferred behaviour. Punishing a dog will knock their confidence and suppress emotions and feelings, but redirecting an undesired behaviour and turning it into a preferred behaviour will strengthen a dog’s trust, learning abilities and self esteem. Teach your dog what you want them to do, teach them how they can achieve that rather than focusing on what you don’t want them to do, when they are motivated to do what you want, they are less likely to do what you don’t want – there is never a need to use punishment.” – Bethany Bell. ​To receive professional support and to embark on your training journey get in touch today!

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