Frequently Asked Questions

You will have 24/7 access to our step by step video tutorials which talk you through a range of topics and demonstrate how to train your dog using force free methods. You will gain insight into how dog’s learn, think and perceive the world and you will gain a greater understanding on your dog’s behaviour and how you can help them. You will also become part of our community where you can ask questions and listen to our monthly lives. Find out more here.  

In many ways I can help to guide your business plans and ideas and I can help you grow your knowledge in canine behaviour and welfare. Our membership for professionals includes video tutorials with a vast amount of business related tutorials as well as understanding the canine mind. I can offer you guidance in a variety of aspects from running your business in the best possible way to strengthening and deepening your understanding of the canine mind and how to implement that into your training. 

No, I offer personal coaching and guidance for fellow and aspiring pet professionals, so they can feel less isolated and part of a community where we can help each other, alongside personal advice and business plans. Kathie Gregory who runs Free Will Teaching is the best behaviourist to offer accredited courses for canine professionals, her approach is incredibly different and refreshing compared to the mainstream training currently available. 

I started my dog training journey in 2010 and I have worked alongside a variety of trainers over the years. I have been an assistance dog trainer for Veterans With Dogs and Dog Aid to train dogs to help assist and enhance the life of their owners with PTSD and Disabilities. I started my own dog training business in 2017 and through many different struggles I have watched my business grow from strength to strength each year, even throughout the pandemic! I qualified my degree in Animal welfare and Behaviour back in 2016. See the rest of my qualifications and story here.

Mostly Force Free Methods and Reward based methods but we are also changing as we learn more about dogs(Science and research are always changing!) We do not apply treats to every scenario and understand that there are now much more effective ways to help our dogs to learn. We are implementing some of Kathy Gregorie’s revolutionary approach of teaching dogs rather than training them! This involves teaching them language as we understand more about how their brain works but to be clear we never use punishment, scare/bully tactics, or unethical methods. Our ethos is about giving dogs choices and the freedom of being a dog within safe guidance and boundaries. 

Great question! We believe that dogs are highly intelligent, more so than we have previously given them credit for and we believe their potential should be explored much further. We believe that our perspectives need to change in regards to how we see dogs, and that dogs are a part of our family! We see things through the lens of the dog’s perspective as much as possible and we understand the many misconceptions about dogs need to be met with truth and facts. We are dedicated to the much needed change within the dog world, and will keep pushing and fighting for better understanding and treatment of dogs. We believe that in a world that does not offer dogs many choices, we need to offer them as much freedom of choice as much as we can safely do. We also believe that each dog is an individual and there is no blanket “one way fixes all” approach so we help the individual in front of us in the kindest and gentlest way that will get the best results for them. The dog’s welfare comes first. 

Each 1-1 session will last between 45-60 minutes depending on how much your dog can do. We will never push your dog beyond what they can cope with. 

We have a maximum of 7 dogs in our classes that are run in village halls and we have a maximum of 8 dogs in our classes that are run in our spacious outdoors venues.

Don’t worry, we understand that life can get in the way but we can rechedule your booking to the next available class.

It depends on how comfortable they are being around other dogs, if they are not comfortable in the presence of other dogs and people then we would recommend some 1-1 sessions as that would benefit your dog in the best way. If your dog is only reactive in close proximity to other dogs then we can accommodate your dog by offering plenty of space in our outdoor classes.

Your dog’s welfare always comes first, we would ask you to keep your dog well rested and phone your vet for further assistance if you haven’t already. We can catch you up on anything you missed from the class or reschedule you onto another course if your dog is not well enough to attend the rest of the course.

Recent research now suggests that castration can cause a whole host of behavioural issues, and exaggerate or worsen existing behavioural issues. We would recommend holding off from castration until we have had a consultation or training session with you. 

We only work in weather that is safe and beneficial to your dog. This can sometimes mean that if the weather is too hot and could be dangerous to the health and welfare of your dog we may need to cancel any 1-1 sessions booked or any classes but we will reschedule them to another day. The same goes for stormy and heavy rain, especially for young puppies.  We do however live in the UK so we cannot avoid all rainy days, so we will go ahead as planned in damp weather. 

Your sessions are valid for 4 months inbetween sessions. We ideally ask that you book your sessions between 1-6 weeks but we do allow you 4 months maximum between sessions. If we do not see you for an appointment within 4 months then your sessions will no longer be valid. This policy is in place to avoid a build up of clients which will cause unwanted long waiting lists which we try to avoid so that it is fair for all of our clients. If you do need to pause sessions for a health condition or for personal reasons we can arrange with you an extension. 

In the event of a lockdown we will personally contact all of our clients and offer you some options. Our options allow you to continue with us through online video training, to pause your sessions and resume them once lockdown has lifted. 

If you are ever unwell we are always more than happy to reschedule your booking to another day.

Our speciality is running dog training and behaviour businesses. if you would like to expand training or behaviour into your business then yes we can help! If you would like the best support for dog walkers then Sarah Marles AKA Mrs S Paws is the lady for you! Her book “From Poor to Paw” is an excellent book to get you started!