Online Tuition For Professionals

Would you like to be a pet professional? Or are you already a pet professional but struggling to gain clients? I know what it is like, I built this business from scratch, I’ve been through countless struggles to get to where I am now! I have made countless common mistakes, and I had to learn the long, hard way to finally bring balance and consistency to my business.

I’ve had many times in my career where I very nearly closed my doors and walked away for good, many thoughts that self employment wasn’t for me, in fact at my lowest point I felt that working with dogs wasn’t for me, which is ludicrous!

Have you experienced the disheartening and frustrating reality of investing a lot of money and time into studying dog behaviour and training, and then find you are struggling to keep consistent clients? Or maybe your work/life balance is way off and you are slaving away working all the time with little pay off? You find your passion for your job dwindling because you are exhausted with no time to take a break, no time to think and no time to grow your business because all your time is spent running your business. I’ve been there first hand through all these scenarios and I have overcome these issues with easy business strategies that can help your business grow from strength to strength in a more time effective way.

 So that you are running your business, not your business running you! I have developed a professional membership group that has all my best tips for running a training business whether you are working 1-1, running classes or working behavioural training. I can also help you on a more personal level, if you feel you would benefit from 1-1 guidance then we can arrange for a consultation, I can help you develop the best pricing so you are charging your worth, marketing help, tips on website design, how to structure your business, help to develop your plans and ideas into a tangible business outcome.

Our Professional's Membership

Our membership includes

Video tutorials and Live webinars once a month 

A friendly community of like minded trainers 

Tutorial subjects range from marketing tips, training and behavioural advice, dealing with customers, tackling tricky customers, structuring your business effectively, offering your services, establishing your business, getting yourself known, business networking, how to structure and run classes, how to work online, how to manage your time, and so much more! 

This also includes some geeky canine brain subjects such as brain cognition, brain development, behaviour therapy, Canine communication, seeing from a dogs perspective.

New videos are added every two weeks so there are always new subjects to learn.

Work With Me One To One

You can also work with me over video calls where I can help you on a more personal level, I can work through all your plans, struggles, insecurities and strengths to best develop your business into your dream career. We can analyse your website together, discuss pricing plans, provide structure to your business, help you to market your business in the best way for you and what you are offering, help to structure your time more efficiently, and turn your business into a profitable way of life!

Online Tuition

For aspiring trainers and behaviourists or already established business owners who need some refreshing insight into their business! 

Virtual Consultation

A personal write up

A website review

A business review

Up to 2 hours


Simple Programme

4 Week plan

x 1, hour Zoom call a week

x 1, 20 minute phone call a week

For 4 weeks

Enterprise Programme

8 Week plan

x 1, hour Zoom call a week

x 1, 20 minute phone call a week

For 8 weeks

Intensive Programme

2 Week plan

x 4, 1 hour zoom calls a week

x 3, 20 minute phone calls a week

For 2 weeks

To Book any of the above programmes, please email us.