In Person Help

Here you can find all the different ways we can help you face to face. We have a variety of options to suit everyone’s individual needs. Whatever issues you may be facing, rest assured we can help. In more demanding or specific cases, we can tailor make a plan just for you. 

LifeSkills Training

Our LifeSkills Training packages are designed to focus on good manners, confidence building and essential skills for life. 

These Training Packages include the following, loose lead walking, recall, polite house greetings, stealing, house training, dealing with high prey drive, off-lead heel work and many more. 

LifeSkills Training Packages can be tailored to suit you and your dog’s specific needs.

behavioural consultation

Behaviour Therapy Programmes

Our exclusive Behaviour Therapy Programmes are designed to address key issues you may be experiencing with your dog’s behaviour.

These behaviours include, reactivity, separation anxiety/distress, resource guarding, nervousness, hyper arousal, dog to dog aggression and more. 

Any Behaviour Therapy Programme can be tailor made to suit you and your dog’s needs.

barking up the right tree


Our bespoke Consultations last between 1- 2 hours.

We discuss every aspect of your dog’s life, from nutrition to cognitive development and associative learning.

We provide you with a full understanding of what your dog’s behaviour means, why they are behaving as they are, what you can do to help change their behaviour, when you need to act, how you need to act and why you need to act.

All the what, how’s, when’s and why’s are all answered for you in-depth with a fully explained scientific behaviour analysis.

You will also receive a written report and a step by step plan to ensure that you have all the information to start you on your journey.