What does our Membership offer you?

We offer memberships for both owners and professionals

Dog Parent Membership

This membership has been created especially for dog owners who would like to learn all about their dogs! We have over 100 video tutorials and training videos for you to browse through. Our membership offers access to content for raising puppies, helping your rescue dog, general training exercises such as recall, loose lead walking and impulse control, dealing with teenage hormones, and common behaviour issues such as reactivity, separation issues and confidence building. We have a vast amount of information for you to absorb yourself into at your own pace! We add in crucial topics such a diet and nutrition, mental stimulation and enrichment, teaching appropriate socialism, understanding canine language and teaching dogs our own language! We have a different approach to dealing with behaviour issues which involves teaching language, using communication and changing emotions without the use of treats, force or punishment. We will also have monthly live videos were you can ask us questions and we can advice you directly. You will also have the option to join our members group on Facebook to become part of our community. £13.99 per month or £130 annually and save £37!

Dog Professional Membership

This membership has been created for pet professionals and aspiring dog trainers/behaviourists. You will receive access to all of our content in our Dog parent membership plus video tutorials on marketing help, refreshing business plans, guidance on running your business or creating your business, taking your business to the next level, learn how to run training classes and the best most effective ways to work on a 1-1 basis! How to turn your passion into a full time career! You will also receive in depth video tutorials with subjects specifically taking about the canine brain, including brain development, Brain cognition, the emotional brain, the animal brain and helping you to understand dogs in a new light. Optional exclusive Facebook group for members where we can grow a friendly community and support our industry for the better. A live video event will happen every two weeks where we can exchange concepts, discuss comprehensive subjects and break them down. £17.99 or £170 annually and save £45!

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