Online Tuition

Whether you are an owner or a professional, we can help you grow your skills remotely

Here you can find all the different ways we can help you online, we can operate via video calls and have developed 1-1 online programmes to help you with specific issues. We offer our expertise for both owners and pet professionals who need help with their own dogs or their own business marketing. 

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For Professionals

Are you a pet professional? Or an aspiring dog trainer? We would love to help you build your business! We can either help you to build your business from scratch or help your already established business grow and flourish. We can help you get out of this “stuck in a rut” business cycle and bring your business back to life! 

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For Owners

Are you struggling to find the time to seek professional help? or maybe you are isolating? We can help you remotely! We have helped hundreds of owners throughout the last three lockdowns and have successfully changed the lives of many owners and dogs through our expert advice, training plans. therapy plans and after care. We have developed an efficient way to deliver our services to you from afar, with the same quality you would receive face to face.